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Our Aim

Space Food is a meal shipment service. Our primary target at Void Food is to provide terrific food and supply UAE with healthy, unprocessed, sustainable, nourishing meals that are not just practical and inexpensive but load an enormous dietary punch.

Our Food

Our extremely certified Australian Chefs prepare with the best local natural produce, free variety and lawn fed meats. We offer you with a variety of nourishing breakfast, lunch and supper meals with treats. We are 100 percent processed free, GMO-free and refined sugar-free. We also supply gluten free, dairy free options.


At Void Food we do not think of the word 'diet plan' rather we feel it is a way a life. We wish to develop a long-lasting healthy, sustainable way of life change where you harness the power of nature to nurture your body, whilst in the procedure of slimming down and sensation terrific.


We aim to assist minimize our carbon footprint in every possible way. By including the renters of reuse, restore and recycle into our everyday practices and we look for the eco-friendliest items and produce.

Space Food is not a 'diet plan', Void Food is a sustainable lifestyle. We wish to feed you, nurture you, inform you, motivate you and recover both your mind and body.

Fitness freak or food lover, the response is Void Food. Delicious and nutrition thick meals provided directly to your door.